Add or Merge QuickBooks Online Company to the Same Email Address

Learn how to add another company to your QuickBooks Online email address so that you can switch between the two. Or merge another QuickBooks Online company to another email address.

Some users may want to add a second (or more) company to the same email address that they’re using for ease of management.

QuickBooks Online allows you to add as many companies as you want to your email address, but you’ll have to pay the subscription fees for each one.

Learn how to add another QuickBooks Online company to the same email address using this guide. We’ll also go over how you can merge a company using an email address with a different email address.

The process may have changed since the writing of this article. Visit QuickBooks Online help for the latest instructions.

Create a Second QuickBooks Online Company Using the Same Email Address

To start a new QuickBooks Online company using the same email address, simply visit the QuickBooks Online pricing page. Select a Trial account or pay for the company.

Toggle the button for a free trial if you’re testing out the idea of having a second company on the same email address. Otherwise, purchase the subscription outright with a discount for the first three months.

When you click on the Buy now or Try now button, you’ll have to make sure to select the “Sign in” using existing account link. It’s easy to miss.

Once you’ve set up your new company, you can easily switch between companies using the Gear icon. You can switch companies any time you’re logged in.

If you have multiple companies associated with your email address, you’ll be prompted to select the company you want to open.

If you’re logging into QuickBooks Online, you’ll also be presented with the option to select a company to open if your account has more than one company associated with it.

Some Considerations

You may want to consider the issues below before you open a new company.

  • Can you use location tracking with your current company instead of starting a new company?
  • If both businesses are run at the same location, you’ll need a process in place so employees don’t confuse the two QuickBooks Online companies
  • Consider setting up Users to limit access to QuickBooks Online
  • Use a separate email account and maybe password manager or browser profile to prevent mixing up the companies

Merging or Consolidating Companies Under One Email Address in QuickBooks Online

Let’s say you have two or more separate QuickBooks Online companies that you manage using different email addresses. But you want to make it more convenient for yourself by managing both under a new email address.

You can also use this guide to move access from one email to another existing email address so that both companies can be managed under one login.

The procedure is the same regardless of how you want to merge companies. For this example, we’re going to have a new email address, Email Alpha. We want to combine two separate companies, Email Beta and Email Delta under Email Alpha.

  • Sign into QuickBooks using Email Beta and Email Delta and send invites to Email Alpha
    • You’ll need to have Administrator access on both accounts
    • Click on Gear Icon > Manage Users
    • Add User with Company Admin privileges
  • Accept the invite from Email Alpha’s account
  • Email Alpha now has Admin access to Email Beta and Delta’s companies

Email Alpha will now receive the invites from Intuit. Click on the “Let’s go!” link that Intuit sends to verify the email and invite. Log in using Email Alpha’s credentials.

That’s it! Now you have admin access to Email Beta and Email Delta’s companies under a different email account.

You can also make Email Alpha the Master Admin by logging into Email Beta and Delta to Manage Users.

Once you’ve accepted the invite from Intuit from your Email Alpha account, log out and log back in using Email Beta’s credentials.

Go to Gear Icon > Manage Users. Find Email Alpha on the user list and click on the dropdown menu. Select “Make master admin” to give complete control over to Email Alpha.

Email Alpha will receive another email to accept the change in user role. Once the email is accepted, the Email Beta account will receive an email with the change in status.

Go through the same steps with Email Delta.

What you choose to do with the old emails is up to you.

For security purposes, you may want to consider removing the old email address once the role change has been verified and you’re certain the old email is no longer needed.

Or change the old email address so that it has a limited role. You can always transfer access back at a later date if you want.

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