Use Advanced Search in QuickBooks Online to View Transaction Types like Refunds

Use the Advanced Search function in QuickBooks Online to get a list of specific transaction types. Check out this article for a quick guide to viewing sortable lists of your transaction types.

Sellers sometimes need to see a sortable list of specific transaction types in QuickBooks Online. This is important for sellers on Amazon who are trying to reconcile transactions like refunds in QuickBooks Online with refunds on Amazon.

Using QuickBooks Online’s Advanced Search function, you can search and filter every type of transaction, including individual transaction lines.

This is helpful if you’re searching for specific types of events (provided you’re tracking them). For instance, if you’re tracking type Warehouse Damage events in the description field, then you can filter for documents that contain the phrase Warehouse Damage in the description field. Of course, you’ll need to have entered details consistently.

If you’re using SellerZen, then you’ll be able to filter reimbursements by reason code in the description field. Whether it’s a Warehouse Lost, Damaged, or Return, you’ll be able to pull up relevant transactions.

Click on the Magnifying Glass and Advanced Search.

Magnifying Glass Advanced Search

Click on the drop-down menu and select the type of transaction you want. For this example, we’ll select Refunds.

Refunds Advanced Search

If you have any other filters you want to apply, then you’ll select that here. You can also leave it as default and display all refunds.

Default Filter Customers

Once you’re ready, click on the Search button to see all your refunds.

Click on Search

If you’re looking for refunds on a specific date or between a specific period, then you can filter those out.

While you can easily search for individual refunds using various filters, using date periods will allow you to reconcile refunds in QuickBooks Online with refunds on Amazon. There may be some slight inconsistency due to timezones. To adjust for this, add an extra day at the beginning and the end of the date period.

Date Filter

Using Advanced Search will give you a quick way to see if you’ve managed to enter all the invoices and refunds in QuickBooks Online.