Amazon Custom Lets Buyers Customize Your Products

Sell through Amazon Custom to allow buyers to customize your product with custom images, logos, and text.

Let shoppers customize products with text, images, or even different colors! Sellers will be able to set the different customization options available to customers.

Sellers who sell products like keychains, mugs, writing utensils, or other customizable products can increase sales through Amazon Custom.

How do you join Amazon Custom?

Only sellers on the Professional plan can apply to join Amazon Custom. Applicants will be notified within an hour if they’re accepted. Otherwise, sellers will know upon submitting the application that they’re not accepted.

If you sell products that are customizable, consider joining Amazon Custom to increase your sales! Your products will also be available through Amazon’s dedicated customizable product storefront.

How much does it cost?

Selling through Amazon Custom is currently free, but there may additional fees as Amazon adds more features to this service. The fee schedule is currently the same for any seller on the Professional plan.

What are the benefits?

Amazon’s product configurator allows customers to add text using different fonts and colors. Sellers can enable different options and features. These include painting, engraving, and embroidery.

Customers are able to upload pictures and add text to products.

Sellers can also enable product customizations with different fees.

Amazon Custom allows sellers to upload pictures to a gallery that supports up to 10 categories with up to 100 images each. The service is versatile enough to allow most sellers to allow customization for their product listings.

Some considerations

Since products are customized, sellers won’t be able to use FBA to fulfill orders. That means customer service and shipping have to be handled by sellers.

Bulk product feed uploads are only supported for one area and up to 5 lines. Text and image customizations need to be done individually.

One potential consequence is the return policy for customizable products.

Amazon states that third-party sellers are not required to accept returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged or defective. Furthermore, buyers only have 14 days from receipt to notify sellers about any problems.

Spelling mistakes or errors in the configuration are covered by Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee.

Even the more restrictive return policy for custom products don’t prevent customers from leaving negative seller or product feedback. And unlike regular product returns, sellers won’t be able to inspect, repackage, and resell customized products.

Joining Amazon Custom makes sense for sellers who already sell products that are customizable. If you’re selling personalized products on other marketplaces, then Amazon Custom should increase sales.

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