Amazon Imaging Offers Product Photos for Sellers

Amazon to offer product photography for sellers through Amazon Imaging services. The program is still in Beta, but current fees are $50 for at least two high-quality photos that meet Amazon’s Style Guide.

Amazon Imaging Window

How do I use this service?

Amazon Imaging is only available for products already at fulfillment centers.

Not all ASINs may qualify for Amazon Imaging services. To see if your product is eligible, go to your Seller Central Account.

Click on Inventory > Manage Inventory. Look for the product that you want Amazon to photograph and click on the image to edit and upload photos.

On this page, you’ll see a link to Amazon Imaging services. Click on the link to opt into the service.

Amazon Imaging link in Edit Photos

What’s the process?

If you pay for the service, Amazon will pull the products from the fulfillment center and take at least two high-quality photos. The process includes editing and uploading photos to the listing.

The entire process can take up to 15 calendar days from when the studio receives the product from the fulfillment center.

Afterward, the products are returned to fulfillment centers.

Amazon will reimburse sellers for any losses or damage to products during this process.

Why might sellers want to use this service?

Product photos are one of the most influential factors for making the sale on Amazon. Sellers who don’t take the time to provide high-quality photos are likely losing sales to sellers with superior images.

If you’re a new seller and don’t have the time to learn how to take and edit good photos, this service may be an option.

Taking product photos can be a simple process of taking out your phone and snapping a few pictures at different angles. Smartphone photos may be adequate, but they don’t always give customers the best impression.

Taking professional product photos that can drastically boost sales is an entirely different process.

Professional photos require a setup: background, lighting, cameras, and supporting accessories like lenses and props.

The editing process can be intensive as well, requiring knowledge of software like Adobe Photoshop. That’s not to mention the hardware requirements, like having an accurate color display.

For new sellers, learning about photography can be a distracting task. Paying for product photos, at least to start, can be a good alternative to having to invest in expensive and unnecessary photography equipment.

Benefits to Amazon Imaging

Here are some of the benefits of using Amazon Imaging:

  • Photos will follow Amazon’s Style Guide so that you don’t have to worry about listing suppression due to image-related issues
  • You don’t have to look for a photographer who specializes in product photography and Amazon’s requirements
  • Photos will be automatically added to the listing
  • Saves you time from having to research photography requirements
  • Saves you money from having to purchase expensive equipment and software.

Points to Consider with Amazon Imaging

Aside from the current cost of $50 for at least two high-quality images, here are some points sellers will want to consider:

  • Amazon retains the copyright to photos it takes, so you won’t be able to use the photos outside of the listing, with some limited exception for sellers registered on Brand Registry 2.0
    • If you have your own ecommerce site or you sell on eBay, you’ll still have to use your own images
    • You won’t receive any images or files outside of the ones uploaded to the listing
  • You can’t dictate requirements or provide input on how Amazon takes the pictures
  • There’s no way to preview pictures before they’re uploaded
  • While you can delete or replace photos on the listing, there’s no refund if you’re not happy
  • If your product has tamper-evident seals, make sure the product isn’t returned to your fulfillable inventory
    • Your metrics or account may be penalized if opened inventory is sold as new

For many sellers, the current price of $50 is a reasonable fee for taking good product images that meet Amazon’s Style Guide.

Going to a photographer for product photos will likely cost more, and the images may not be up to Amazon’s expectations.

The benefit of going to a photographer is that sellers will likely have high-quality image files and the ability to use these images on other platforms.

Regardless of which method sellers use to get their photos, product images should look professional and appealing.

Paying a little more at the start will translate into more sales and higher sales rankings than competing listings with poor images.

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