Amazon PPC Optimization Services

Optimizing your PPC campaigns on Amazon can be a daunting task if you’re new to the world of advertising. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your advertising budget by using one of these services to help you reduce wasteful spending and increase sales.

If you’re new to Amazon, learning all the different tricks and tips can sometimes feel overwhelming. One way to boost your sales is to start with a small advertising budget.

Using PPC is a great way to start gaining sales. But targeting the wrong keywords can lead to a lot of wasteful spending. Check out one of these services listed below to see if they can help you with advertising on Amazon.

Services and pricing structures are current as of the date of this article. Visit the website for any new pricing and features.

SellerZen is not affiliated with any of these services, nor does SellerZen endorse any of these services. We’ve created this list only for informational purposes, so do your own due diligence before you sign up with any services listed in this article.


AdBadger home

AdBadger has a 30-day trial that you can use. Their most basic plan is the Entrepreneur plan, which starts at $107 per month for advertising budgets of up to $1,000 per month.

Core features include:

  • 5-minute optimization setup
  • Detailed visual reporting
  • Sync with Amazon
  • Easy instructions
  • Rapid campaign creation
  • Join expert PPC group
  • Negative keyword whitelisting
  • Automated bid and negative keyword management
  • Sponsored Products tools

PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage home

The most basic plan starts at $47 per month and includes up to 5 SKUs. All features are available on every subscription.

Features from PPC Entourage include:

  • Advanced reporting metrics
  • Dayparting
  • Automated bid adjustments
  • Automatic negative optimization
  • Bulk campaign optimization
  • Keyword optimization
  • Backend search term optimization

PPC Scope

PPC Scope home

The most basic plan is $19.99 per month, and it includes 3 SKUs and 500 keywords, along with a few other features. Higher subscriptions include more SKUs and marketplaces.

There’s a free 21-day trial for users.

Features of this service include:

  • Keywords optimization
  • Manage bids
  • PPC Scope dashboard for Sponsored Ads


SellerApp PPC Optimizer home

SellerApp has a suite of tools for Amazon sellers. These tools include keyword research and PPC analyzers. The Basic plan starts at $49.99 per month and includes tracking for up to 25 products.

The Professional plan is $99.99 per month and is for sellers who have $1,000 per month in ad spending or $10,000 per month in sales.

Like other services, there’s a 7-day free trial for PPC Analyzer.

Features for PPC Analyzer include:

  • Data filtering
  • Advanced data control
  • Negative keywords optimization
  • Keyword optimization

SellerLabs Ignite

SellerLabs Ignite landing page

SellerLabs has a suite of tools for Amazon sellers, including Ignite, an advertising tool. There’s a free 30-day trial available.

Plans start at $59 per month for sellers with a monthly ad spend of $10-$1,000.

Features for Ignite include:

  • Create or import existing ads
  • Manage ads in real time
  • Optimize ads
  • Keyword optimization


Sellics Seller Edition home

Sellics offers a suite of tools with pricing based on your annual sales revenue. At the lowest subscription for $0 – $60,000 revenue, the annual plan comes out to $47 per month. There is a 14-day free trial period available.

This plan gives you access to all Seller Edition tools, including the PPC Manager and Amazon Ranking Optimizer.

Features of the PPC Manager are:

  • Automate PPC campaigns
    • Increase keyword bid when ACoS is low
    • Reduce keyword bid when ACoS is high
    • Pause keywords when keyword is unprofitable
  • Analyze campaign performance
  • Optimize results
    • View historical data
    • See keyword bid history


Sellozo home

Sellozo has a 14-day free trial period for users. After the free trial, the most basic subscription is $49 per month for up to 10 optimized SKUs per marketplace.

Sellozo’s Ad Automation service offers these features:

  • Manual and bulk changes to campaigns, keywords, and more
  • Track campaign performance
  • Dayparting
  • Bulk bid and budget adjustments
  • Negative keywords and phrases
  • Keyword discovery

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