Amazon Prepaid Return Label Enrollment

Amazon will begin enrolling professional sellers into the Prepaid Return Label program on June 15, 2020.

The Prepaid Return Label program will issue prepaid return shipping labels for qualifying returns. Sellers are charged for return shipping.

Many sellers are already participating in this program. Sellers can also self-enroll in the Prepaid Return Label program in the Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns tool.

Sellers who are not part of the program should see a message in their Manage Returns page that reads “Get access to faster returns by taking advantage of the Prepaid Returns Label program.” Click on it to enroll in the program.

What does that mean for sellers?

Amazon will automatically authorize all returns that fall into its returns policy, and Amazon will provide customers with prepaid return shipping labels through the Buy Shipping Services. Seller accounts are charged for the return shipping cost when the label is scanned by the carrier.

As of this time, sellers don’t have the option to specify a carrier or issue their own prepaid labels.

Customer return requests that fall outside of Amazon’s return policies or that are usually exempt from returns are sent to sellers for review.

All returns, including automatically-authorized returns, can still be tracked via the Manage Returns page.

What do sellers need to do to enroll?

Before Professional sellers can enroll in the Prepaid Return Label program, they’ll need to verify and confirm a few settings on their accounts.

  • Set up or verify that the default return address on the account is correct. Amazon requires a US domestic address for returns
  • Make sure return addresses are set if there are multiple marketplaces
  • Ensure that the weight and size information for products are accurate since return shipping costs are calculated with the provided information

What categories are exempt from prepaid returns?

Not every return is automatically allowed. Per Amazon’s policies, some categories are exempted from the prepaid returns program. Those categories are:

  • Amazon Custom
  • Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies > Professional Dental Supplies
  • Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies > Professional Medical Supplies
  • Certified Preowned Watches
  • Handmade
  • Sexual Wellness

In addition to the categories above, Amazon allows sellers to request exemptions for SKUs that:

  • have special shipping or handling requirements (like dangerous goods)
  • are non-returnable by law
  • are high-value (greater than $100) items need special shipping (like shipping insurance)
  • are non-physical (like warranties or digital software)

Request exemptions for SKUs in bulk by going to the Return Settings and Return Attribute Overrides link.

Other important information

  • Sellers can still set returnless refunds, and customers who request a refund will get a full refund as soon as they submit their request
  • Sellers are charged only when the customer returns the package to the carrier (when the label is scanned)
  • Sellers can also appeal an Amazon-authorized refund or return if they believe that the refund or return should not have been authorized
    • Reimbursements for customer-damaged products are limited to 50% of the order value of the product
  • Sellers are responsible for filing a claim with the carrier if the return is lost in transit
  • FBM or MFN sellers can unenroll from the Prepaid Return Label program by contacting seller support

For many sellers, this program will streamline customer service and save time. However, returns should still be monitored and claims filed if packages are lost in transit or if products are damaged by customers.

The Prepaid Return Label program will encourage more customers onto Amazon’s marketplace, and easier returns generally eliminate customer obstacles to purchases. Indeed, the ease of returns will likely encourage more customers to shop on Amazon.