Amazon to Require Amazon Labels for Specific ASINs

Amazon will require FBA sellers use Amazon labels for specific ASINs starting on January 25, 2019.

Any new shipments to fulfillment centers will require Amazon labels instead of simply using the manufacturer’s barcode. Sellers who are affected by this change should have received emails.

If you already have shipments going into warehouses prior to this date, then you won’t have to change anything. But any new shipments on or after January 25 will require labels.

Take a look at our article on popular direct thermal label printers on Amazon to see if one works for you. If you prepare thousands of units per month, you’ll likely want a commercial label printer. One popular brand that you can start looking at is Zebra’s line of industrial printers.

Alternatively, you can pay Amazon a 20¢ FBA Label Fee for each unit.

But the time savings from having to purchase labels, printers, and ink, as well as fiddle with settings, may be worthwhile for some sellers.

Why might Amazon require sellers to use Amazon labels for specific ASINs?

One reason why Amazon may be requiring Amazon labels on FBA inventory is due to counterfeit products.

Fraudulent sellers could send in counterfeit products with the manufacturer’s barcode for commingled inventory. These sellers were able to disguise their fake products because of how commingled inventory works.

Commingled inventory meant that inventory closest to the customer was used to fulfill orders regardless of who sent it in. The result is that a counterfeit product could be sent to the customer even when the seller shipped authentic products to a fulfillment center.

Conversely, Amazon could fulfill the counterfeit seller’s orders with an authentic product.

When the customer who received a counterfeit product inevitably returns the product, Amazon may penalize the seller with listing suppression, suspension, or marks against the seller’s performance metrics. A suspension would likely take the seller days to correct, resulting in labor, time, and loss of sales.

Meanwhile, the counterfeit seller may still be able to operate freely since customers received authentic products.

Using Amazon labels on all products will protect sellers from certain fraud. If you’re a manufacturer or a Private Label seller, you may want to consider Amazon Transparency to further protect your brand and inventory.

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