Automate Custom Transaction Numbers in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to enable automatic custom transaction numbers in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online users may find an often overlooked option in QuickBooks Online called Custom transaction numbers.

When this option is turned on, QuickBooks Online will allow users to specifically label invoices with their own labels or numbers. However, users can also automate custom invoice numbers by giving QuickBooks Online a starting point and turning off the custom transaction numbers option. Afterward, every new invoice will continue from the initial custom number.

To access this option, go to the Gear icon > Account and settings > Sales. Find custom transaction numbers, and turn it on or off. Make sure to save your changes.

By default, this option may be on for new subscribers, but those who have been using QuickBooks Online for some time may find this option off.

Below are sample invoices. The first image is with Custom transaction numbers turned on. Notice the presence of an Invoice no. field.

Notice by default that QuickBooks Online, for new users, will just start with 1001. The numbering is sequential. With the option turned on, users can specify a unique invoice no. for each document, or if left alone, QuickBooks will automatically populate the field.

This next image is with the custom transaction numbers turned off in QuickBooks Online. Notice the Invoice no. field is now gone. Note that location setting is turned on, which is what the “Store” field is.

What users can do is have QuickBooks Online automatically populate invoices with a naming scheme. To set this up, first turn on Custom transaction numbers in QuickBooks Online. Look at the beginning of the article for where this setting is.

Then create a new invoice. In the Invoice no. field, type in the naming scheme that you want QuickBooks Online to use for future invoices. For our example, we’ll use AMZ-1001 for the first invoice. Save the invoice.

Then go back to the Custom transaction numbers setting in QuickBooks Online and turn it off. Make sure that you save the setting.

After you’ve created the first invoice with the custom name and then turned off the setting, QuickBooks Online will automatically use your custom label for every subsequent invoice.

Notice in the image above that the Invoice no. field is now missing. QuickBooks Online has automatically continued using the custom labels for the invoice.

Make sure you’ve deleted the initial invoice if you made up sales or you may get incorrect numbers in your reports.

Having QuickBooks Online automatically use custom transaction numbers that you’ve specified can give you more detail in understanding your reports.