Best Places and Websites to Sell Used Books Online

Check out these top websites where you can sell your books.

Chances are you won’t get rich selling your personal used books, but you’ll get some extra spending money you didn’t have before.

Or if you’ve moved over to the digital format, selling your physical books can give you more storage space at home.

We’ll go over the best marketplaces you can use to sell your books. You’ll have to fulfill orders and handle customer service, but you’ll generally get more money for your books than selling it to a service.

Don’t want to deal with the headache of listing, customer service, and shipping? We’ll include a list of popular book buyback websites below as well.

Get a stack of your books ready (or a list of their ISBNs) and see how much you can get for your books today!

Used Book Marketplaces

Some general tips before you decide where to sell your books:

  • Be honest and transparent about the condition of your books to avoid refunds and returns
  • Take good, detailed pictures, especially if there’s some defect or damage
  • Ship using media mail when possible to save on shipping
  • Make sure to enter tracking information to reduce fraud
  • Read our article before you decide to offer free shipping


While AbeBooks was purchased by Amazon in 2008, it still operates independently.

In addition to books, AbeBooks sells collectibles. It’s an excellent place to find vintage or rare books as well.

The downside to AbeBooks is that you’ll have to pay a monthly fee on top of an 8% commission and a payment processing fee. Fees are determined by the number of listings.


This marketplace is a favorite for international buyers and sellers. In the US, frequent book buyers may be familiar with the name.

You can also list other media, like DVDs and music. International buyers will pay more for shipping, but you’ll want to be sure you price your book properly.

Some considerations with selling on Alibris:

  • There’s a non-refundable $19.99 annual fee on top of a 15% commission, so it’s not free to get started
  • You may want to go with free marketplaces like Amazon or eBay unless you have a lot of books to sell


Amazon really needs no introduction. It’s the largest online marketplace in the US, and your books are likely to reach a broader audience through here than any other book marketplace.

There’s no cost to sell on Amazon if you’re on the Individual plan, but you’ll still have to pay a 99¢ per-item fee for each item you sell on top of other fees.

Check out our tips for selling used books on Amazon for more information.

If you don’t care how much you get for your books, then Amazon may be a good choice to sell them, and you’d get more than from a buyback service.

Some drawbacks to selling books on Amazon are:

  • Some textbook publishers may be restricted because of the rise of counterfeit sellers
  • If you’re not careful, you can actually pay more in shipping supplies and shipping costs than you receive from the sale

Some advantages of selling on Amazon versus other platforms:

  • Books are more likely to sell quickly compared to other marketplaces
  • If you use FBA, you won’t have to deal with customer service or shipping each order

Barnes & Nobles

Barnes & Nobles allows sellers to list their books alongside its own offerings. Marketplace sellers are charged the standard commission rate of 15%.


This marketplace specializes in working with independent booksellers. The business also has a commitment to social responsibility. You’ll find used rare, out-of-print, and collectible books here.

It’s free to sign up and list your books, but the free option has higher commissions (12% instead of 8%).

If you have a large collection of rare and out-of-print books, this is also a good site to consider.


eBay may be a good alternative if you have niche or rare books. You’re likely to get more since these books can be offered at auction instead of a set price on other marketplaces.

One good note about eBay is that new sellers are usually given 50-100 free listings per month. That’s more than enough for most people who just want to sell some books from their own library.

You’ll only pay eBay fees when the sale happens (unless you’ve listed more than your free listings).

You’ll need a PayPal account to receive your funds unless you’re on Managed Payments.

The marketplaces listed above represent the majority of websites where you can sell your used books, but if you’re not interested in listing, fulfilling, and providing customer service, then there are faster ways you can sell your books.

Book Buyback Websites

These popular websites will ask you for the ISBN of your book and give you a quote on the spot.

If you accept the quote, they’ll provide you with a shipping label. You’ll send in your books, they’ll inspect it, and then you’ll receive the payout in the form you specify.

While there are many book buyback websites, we’ll list the ones that will accept paperbacks as well as textbooks.

If the majority of your books are textbooks, then going to a specific textbook buyback service like Chegg may be a better option.

Some considerations for buyback businesses:

  • You’ll get a lot less for your books compared to selling them through online marketplaces like Amazon
  • You may get less than what was offered if your book isn’t in good condition
  • You’ll get rid of your books much faster this way if they’re worth anything
  • Look into who pays for return shipping if the offer changes or they refuse the book based on condition


This website works by getting a list of all the offers from other book buyback websites. Then it displays them to you for convenience.

This is a great tool if you don’t want to search through multiple websites to get the best offer on your books.


Check out how much you can get for your books online at this popular book buyback website.


If you’re looking to get rid of media like DVDs, books, and music, check out this website. The offers may not be as high as other websites, but they’ll take things from various categories.

Half Price Books

If you have an HPB store near you, then this can be a good method of getting rid of books you no longer want.

You may not get as much as you’d like, but at least you’ll get rid of a good number of your books at one time.

Powell’s Books

You can enter the ISBN of your books online to get a quote or bring your books to a physical store to get 50% more in store credit. This works out extremely well if you’re already a frequent shopper there!


Like other book buyback businesses, you’ll enter the ISBN into the search bar and the service will give you a quote.

Local Marketplaces

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of looking up prices and shipping or payment options, then selling your books locally may be an option.

It’s probably not worthwhile to list individual books (unless they’re textbooks and you’re near a college), so consider grouping them by genre or author.

You’ll find it difficult to sell older books through these marketplaces, but they’re usually free to list. And you’ll get paid in cash.

But be prepared to deal with hagglers, no-shows, and other issues that usually accompany local sales.

College Campus

If you’re a student, then consider selling your textbooks to other students who are taking the course. You can simply ask them before class begins, and you’ll get a lot more than selling the textbook online.

There’s also the option of selling your textbook back to the campus bookstore. You won’t get much as you would from another student, but you won’t have to hunt down where the class is being taught.


It’s free to list here, but avoid leaving your phone number and email address off the listing unless you want a lot of unsolicited calls and emails.

Facebook Marketplace

This marketplace is quickly becoming more popular in some regions than Craigslist. But the ease of browsing the site may mean you’ll be handling a lot of messages from window shoppers rather than serious buyers.

Instead, consider joining a Facebook group for specific genres or authors. You may be able to find more serious and interested buyers.

Independent Used Bookstore

If you’re lucky enough to be in an area with a lot of used bookstores, then consider this option. You may be able to get more in store credit so that you can get books that you want.

Apps like LetGo, Mercari, OfferUp, etc.

The success of these apps will depend on the region. In some places, marketplaces like Mercari or LetGo may be more popular than Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.


Use the money you’ve earned from selling books you no longer want to fund other fun activities. Or go out and buy more books!

Consider donating books you don’t want to your local school, library, or non-profit to reduce waste. Your discarded books can kindle a love of reading for someone out there!

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