Common QuickBooks Online Bank Feed Errors

Getting errors connecting your bank to QuickBooks Online? Read our article to learn how to fix the most common bank connection errors.

If none of these solutions work, then you’ll need to contact QuickBooks Online for support for your particular issue. The link is below for convenience.

Contact QuickBooks Online for help.

Error 102 and 105

These errors usually happen because of an error through your bank. It can be a website error, server issue, or any third-party connections the bank uses.

These errors usually resolve themselves. Try again after the failed attempt, and if it still doesn’t work, wait a few hours and try again.

Go to your bank connection and update to try again.

The issues are usually resolved within 24 hours, but if you’re still getting them after 72 hours, you’ll have to call QuickBooks Online support.

Error 103

You’ll get this error if you entered your login credentials incorrectly. Check that you entered your login credentials for the bank correctly and update for existing connections or re-enter your information for new connections.

Error 106

This error means that QuickBooks Online can’t find your bank account information or your bank account is closed.

You’ll need to disconnect your bank account if it’s closed. Or if your account exists, then contact QuickBooks Online support for help.

Error 185 and 187

You’ll get this error if your bank has additional security features for connecting.

If you’re asked a security question, provide the answer. QuickBooks Online will remember it for next time. If you have multiple security questions, then you’ll need to provide the answer each time a new one is asked.

Other financial institutions may require security codes or passwords sent to you through email or text depending on your security settings. Provide the password to continue with the connection.

Error 324

This error occurs when there’s a change to your bank account. This can mean that your bank changed servers, your account nickname changed, or the bank issued you a new account number.

Other changes to your account may trigger this error.

Update your bank connection to make sure that the error is still present.

If the error is still present, then you’ll need to follow the prompts to update your connection.

Or if you received a new account number, you can disconnect the old account and reconnect the new account. You may also want to consider merging the accounts if you create a new one.

Common Issues

  • American Express currently supports only one connection in QuickBooks Online, so you’ll get an error that an account is already connected if you’re trying to connect multiple accounts under the same login credentials
    • You’ll have to move each American Express account to its own login to be able to connect all the accounts to QuickBooks Online
  • Users with limited user permissions on the bank account may not be able to connect, so the main account holder will have to complete the connection
  • Updates happen regularly that can give you errors, so simply updating and retrying the bank connection can fix these issues
  • If you make any changes to your bank account (account numbers, passwords, security challenges, etc.), then you’ll need to update your bank connection in QuickBooks Online
  • Make sure you’re on the correct banking portal—don’t sign into Personal banking if you have a Business account
  • Waiting a few hours and trying again will sometimes resolve any issues with your bank

If all else fails, you can always manually download your transactions and then upload them to QuickBooks Online while you wait for a fix. This way, your accounts can still remain reconciled and you won’t fall behind.

Approved file types for QuickBooks Online are CSV, QFX, QBO, and OFX. Try using QBO if that’s available from your bank for a more seamless import.

Select the date range and export or download the report. Remember where you saved the file for convenience. For most people, the default is the Download folder.

Go to QuickBooks Online and Banking. Upload the file you just downloaded from your bank. You may want to sort by most recent to locate it.

You’ll need to handle the bank feeds manually until you can get your connection issues resolved.

QuickBooks Online and your financial institution update their services and technology regularly. This may lead to occasional errors that interfere with your banking connections. Sometimes just waiting an hour or two will resolve these errors.

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