Connect Amazon to QuickBooks Online with SellerZen

Here are 11 reasons why you should use SellerZen to connect Amazon to QuickBooks Online using SellerZen’s automated real-time syncing of transactions.

Visit SellerZen now to learn more about how SellerZen can help integrate and sync your Amazon seller account with QuickBooks Online.

Automated, Real-Time Sync

Once you configure SellerZen, our cloud-based platform works automatically to sync and import your Amazon seller transactions to your QuickBooks Online company.

SellerZen works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to synchronize your transactions between Amazon and QuickBooks Online in real time. That means you’ll see transactions in QuickBooks Online when they’re available on Amazon.

Detailed Reporting

Businesses that have detailed financial reports can make more informed decisions. By using SellerZen to connect Amazon and QuickBooks Online, you’ll be able to see exactly what your income and expenses are using QuickBooks Online’s reporting tools.

Tips for Using SellerZen and QuickBooks Online Integration

See a detailed breakdown of your income and expenses in the Profit and Loss reports, Balance Sheets, or see exactly how much you’ve spent and earned:

  • Sales of Product Income
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements
  • Cost of Advertising spending
  • …and more!

Want to track your advertising expenses? Map those fees and more through SellerZen so you know exactly how much you’ve paid Amazon for advertising.

Separate all of your expenses into different accounts, group them into sub-accounts, or just lump them all into one account. However you structure your books, our flexible platform can be adapted to your business needs.

Fully Customizable

SellerZen is fully customizable to meet your business needs. When you sync your Amazon account to QuickBooks Online company through SellerZen, you’ll have the option to configure how we process transactions.

Our platform can be adapted to your business.

Configure the following into your own accounts or use our default settings:

Accurately Track Inventory

Looking for software to manage and track inventory? Why use one software to manage inventory and another to manage your books? QuickBooks Online can do both, streamlining your processes and saving you time.

If you have the Plus or Advanced subscription, you can track inventory in QuickBooks Online. Once you map inventory on SellerZen, our real-time sync of individual transactions means that your inventory levels will always be accurate.

Since SellerZen creates documents for sales, refunds, and reimbursements in real time, you’ll know what your inventory levels are at any moment.

Track inventory in QuickBooks Online so that you can replenish your FBA inventory, order more from suppliers, or look into potential reimbursement claims for FBA damage or loss.

Even if you don’t track inventory in QuickBooks Online, you can use a non-inventory item to track sales of product income.

Multichannel Fulfillment (MCF) Support

If you’re one of the many sellers who use Amazon FBA to fulfill orders for other marketplaces, then you can configure SellerZen to help you manage your inventory and expenses for multichannel fulfillment.

Advanced SKU Mapping

However you have your inventory configured in QuickBooks Online, you can use SellerZen to map your Amazon SKUs to your QuickBooks inventory.

Or configure SellerZen so that you can track income and expenses for classes of inventory.

Sell multiple SKUs across a range of categories? Set up SellerZen so that you can track income and expenses through classes for more detailed reporting.

Track sales across multiple Private Labels using SellerZen’s class tracking feature.

Sellers who do sales on consignment can also use class tracking for sales across multiple clients or brands.

Class Tracking in QuickBooks Online through SellerZen

Have SellerZen just track just sales income or sales income and fees.

Track Sales Tax

Once you integrate using SellerZen, you can track all of your sales taxes in QuickBooks Online.

Learn how much Amazon has collected and remitted on your behalf for the marketplace facilitator taxes.

If you sell on international marketplaces like Canada, you can configure SellerZen and have us handle international sales taxes.

Or run a report for your own state’s sales tax liability in QuickBooks Online.

By using SellerZen to connect and sync Amazon to QuickBooks Online, you’ll be able to run reports on the sales taxes you owe.

Affordable Solution

Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee for features that you may not use, SellerZen charges a flat rate of 5¢ per order import.

That means you only pay for each unique order ID import. All other transactions, like refunds, reimbursements, and settlements, are imported for free alongside the orders.

This pay-as-you-go plan is fantastic for sellers whose sales increase depending on the season.

You could pay $10 a month (200 orders) and then $20 (400 orders) a month during Q4 instead of a subscription fee of $39.99 per month.

Automate to Reduce Labor

SellerZen’s automatic synchronization will save you countless labor hours in entering transactions and fixing mistakes.

If you have an employee manually entering individual transactions, then it’s a task that is not only time consuming, but also extremely prone to errors. At 5¢ an order, SellerZen costs only a tiny fraction of what it’d cost you for a person to enter the same transactions. And our service is accurate.

Errors can also take hours to hunt down and fix, throwing off your reporting and giving you the wrong data when making important business decisions.

By using SellerZen to connect Amazon and QuickBooks Online, you can assign your employee to other important tasks.

Settlement Reconciliation

Once your settlement arrives, we’ll automatically reconcile all transactions on the settlement with the transactions we’ve created. This ensures that your Amazon to QuickBooks Online sync is always accurate.

You can even use SellerZen to run a settlement report to view all the documents we’ve created for that period.

Multiple Marketplaces

Connect as many North American (Mexico, United States, or Canada) marketplaces as you want to your QuickBooks Online company.

If you have more than one Amazon seller account, then you can connect them all to the same QuickBooks Online company to save you money on additional subscriptions.

Configure SellerZen to use location and class tracking so that you can track sales for each of the marketplaces to see how you’re doing with each one.

No matter how big or small your Amazon business is, SellerZen can help you save money and grow.

Using SellerZen to connect your Amazon to QuickBooks Online can give you powerful insight into your company’s financials that you can easily miss when you use other services that lump or summarize all of your income and expenses.

The best part is that there’s no monthly subscription fee. Start using SellerZen with a free 30-day import of your transactions to see just how we can help you today! No credit card is required unless you want to continue using our service.

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