eBay Fall 2019 Seller Update Summary

Learn more about eBay’s Fall 2019 Seller Update! If you sell a lot on eBay, then you’ll want to keep up with all the changes happening with the marketplace.

We’ll provide a summary of the key points of the seller update.

Marketplace Updates

  • New Managed Payments features

New payments include Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. That’s in addition to previously accepted payment methods.

  • Simpler refunds and more methods of refunds

Sellers can now issue a partial or full refund directly from Seller Hub or through the Refund API.

  • Order numbers to track transactions

Orders now have order numbers so that you can track the order from start to finish. This will allow sellers to better track transactions.

  • Multi-User Account Access

Sellers can now grant permissions to other users to access the account and perform certain actions.

Currently, user access is limited to two permissions: create and edit drafts and publish and revise listings.

If you’ve created user permissions in any software like QuickBooks or marketplace like Amazon, then you’ll be familiar with how this works.

Sellers must opt-in and use the new Seller Hub to grant permissions to other users. To grant permissions, go to My eBay > Summary > Account and Permissions. Invite the user and set the permission level.

You can always revoke the user access at any time.

  • Coming soon is the new Finances API
  • Coming soon is the ability to issue multiple partial refunds per order, up to the full amount

Growth Tools

  • Send more offers to buyers and negotiate with buyers through Seller Hub

You can now send offers to buyers who have items in their carts. Before, you could only send an offer to buyers who were watching the listing.

Sellers will now be able to negotiate with buyers instead of having the buyer accept or reject the offer outright.

  • Promote listings on mobile devices
  • Promote or manage listings on My eBay
  • Remove duplicated non-promoted and promoted listings

eBay will now remove duplicate listings in search results. That means either your promoted or non-promoted listing will show for buyers, not both.

  • Increased visibility for Promoted Listings in search results
  • Access Terapeak in Seller Hub

Inventory Optimization

  • Category changes

New category changes like renames, additions, and removals will go into effect. If your listing is in one of the affected categories, eBay will automatically move your listing to the new category.

Your selling fees may increase or decrease as a result of the change.

Here are the affected categories as of October 15, 2019:

  1. Business & Industrial
  2. Cameras & Photo
  3. Cell Phones & Accessories
  4. Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories
  5. Computers/Tablets & Networking
  6. Consumer Electronics
  7. Home & Garden
  8. Toys & Hobbies
  9. Video Games & Consoles

These category changes will go into effect January 28, 2020:

  1. Home & Garden
    1. Kids & Teens at Home
    2. Bath
    3. Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living
    4. Wholesale Lots
    5. Home Improvement
    6. Pet Supplies
    7. Baby
    8. Crafts
  • Item specifics to updates to improve your listings

Item specifics allow better targeting for buyers. These specifics can include brand, model, color, size and more. They’re also structured in order of importance based on data from buyers.

Item specifics are already required for some categories, and more will be required as updates are made. You should fill out the recommended item specifics too, as that will help increase your search visibility.

  • Simplified pricing for high volume vehicle sellers

Seller Protection & Policy Updates

  • Additional protections for top-rated sellers

Sellers who offer 30-day or longer returns are eligible for a shipping label credit up to $6 if buyers submit a false INAD claim, and they can deduct up to 50% from refunds for decreased value or damaged returns

  • Simplified eBay seller policies

eBay will help you with fix any issues with your listing or account to prevent disruption to your business.

  • Standardized and updated return policies

Updated return policies now include only: 30- and 60-day returns, free 30- and 60-day returns, and no returns.

Make sure you stay on top of these changes so that there’s no surprise or disruption to your business! Revise your return policies and confirm that your categories are correctly migrated over so that you’re not paying more in fees than you should.

Check that your listings have the item specifics added, especially the recommended specifics so that they are more visible in search results.

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