eBay Spring 2019 Seller Update Summary

Check out this summary for eBay’s Spring 2019 Seller Update! These updates begin in April and are gradually rolled out through the following months.

Learn about these new features and changes so that you can better prepare your business and not be caught off guard.

Marketplace Updates

  • Monthly renewals for Good ‘Til Cancelled listings
    • GTC listings are renewed once a month on the day the listing started (January 5, February 5, March 5…)
  • Easier relisting of canceled listings or buyer’s remorse returns with a preselected checkbox to relist these items
  • State sales tax exemption available for sellers
  • Improved order management with order numbers attached to transactions
  • Final Value Fee cap for Basic and Premium stores increases from $250 to $350, and no changes to Anchor or Enterprise stores
    • Additional Final Value Fees will increase from 4% to 5% for sellers not meeting performance expectations

Seller Protections

  • Improved seller protections with new measures to detect abusive buyers
    • Abusive buyer reporting tool for sellers
    • Feedback from abusive buyers will be removed and will not affect performance metrics
  • Better seller protections for sellers with good metrics this summer
  • Lower visibility for sellers who violate drop-shipping policy
  • Removal of negative feedback for sellers who have done their part and for issues beyond sellers’ control, like weather

Managed Payments

  • New features for Managed Payments including new payment options like Google Pay and PayPal
  • Partial refunds can be issued up to 100%

Growth Tools

  • Promoted Listings are now available to non-Store sellers
  • Best Offer and Offer to buyers improvements, including bulk edits

Inventory Optimization

  • Category and item-specific changes to listings
  • Listings should be in the “best fit” categories in order to improve search and visibility for buyers

Visit eBay’s Spring 2019 Seller Update for more complete information.

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