Hire employees with these free job posting websites

See where you can hire new employees for your ecommerce or Amazon business for free.

Consider that posting a job on major sites like Indeed will likely flood you with resumes. This will take even more time to sort through. This is why having clear expectations can streamline the entire hiring process.

Also keep in mind your time to train, so paying a little more to hire and keep good employees will save you money in the long run.

Here are some tips for new businesses looking to hire their first employee so that you don’t waste time. Skip below to see where you can post your job opening.

  • State the job requirements as clearly as possible so that you don’t waste time vetting employees during the interview process
  • Write out job duties and expectations as clearly as possible
  • Have an interview process with predetermined questions
  • Be clear about salary, pay, and benefits


Glassdoor is a popular website job seekers use to see salaries and reviews for companies.

It also provides job seekers with data about compensation for the job. This includes average pay, range of pay, and pay for related positions.


Indeed is a very popular platform for many job seekers because of it’s minimalistic and effective interface and layout. In fact, it ranks as one of the top websites used by job seekers.

It’s free to post a job, but you can sponsor your job for a low price (currently $5 per day) or design a hiring campaign if you’re looking for more exposure.


Jobvertise allows you to browse resumes for keywords and post jobs for free.

The free plan has a limited number of resume viewings per day, and you can increase that with their paid plan.

Oodle Jobs

This site is similar to Craigslist, and its job board allows you to limit your job posting to a specific region.

Oodle is a good option if it’s popular in your area and you want to keep hiring local to your business.


SimplyHired works by posting your job across a network of different job boards like Indeed.

Word of Mouth

Having a recommendation from someone you trust is one of the best ways small businesses can hire. This is made simpler through social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you know and trust a person, then his recommendation will go a long way toward helping you decide on your next employee.

Let current and former employees, family members, friends, and relatives know that you’re looking to hire for a specific position. They may know just the perfect person for you!

Your Own Website

If you have your own Shopify store or ecommerce website, you should list any job openings on there. This method works well because you’ll get people who know about your website and want to work for you.

You’ll usually find websites list job openings on the footer along with other contact or company information.

Check out these other websites where you can hire employees. They do charge, but they may be more commonly used in your region:

Hiring people for your business can be a tough task. A bad hire can cost you time and money, especially since you’ll have to rehire and retrain new employees.

But having a hiring process with clear expectations will help you vet candidates and get a better feel for how he or she will fit into your work culture.

If you’re looking for some part-time remote employee, check out our article on hiring remote workers or virtual assistants for your Amazon or ecommerce business.

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