Hire Freelancers from Sites like Fiverr for your Amazon Business

Check out where you can hire freelancers from sites like Fiverr for your Amazon or ecommerce business.

Many ecommerce businesses need help with managing various aspects of the business, but they’re not quite ready to hire a part-time or full-time employee.

Many ecommerce businesses today are moving toward remote workers or virtual assistants.

Remote workers from around the world can be hired for any period of time so that your business is monitored 24 hours a day.

Use remote workers or virtual assistants to handle customer service, manage your listings, or even revise, edit, or provide copywriting.

Check out these freelance websites below to see if someone can help you with your Amazon or ecommerce business.



You may already be familiar with this freelance website. While is very popular, there’s no system in place to test or vet freelancers.

Anyone can sign up and provide a service. There’s a 5-star rating system in place to help you make a decision

Prices on Fiverr tend to be on the lower side compared to other freelance websites. But you’ll get what you pay for. Don’t expect an amazing 1000-word optimized article for $10 (roughly 1¢ per word).

That’s not to say that you won’t find quality work on Fiverr. You may have to work with a few people before you find someone whose work you like.


Freelancer home

This website works a bit differently. Instead of searching for freelancers, you’ll post the job or task you need, and freelancers will contact you.

You can vet freelancers and pay when the work is completed.

Visit the website to check on the work progress if you have a complex job that has milestones or daily goals. You can also chat and coordinate with the freelancer who won the job.


Guru home

Guru seems to have a lot more freelancers from around the world. This is great if you’re looking to sell on global marketplaces since you’ll have help from native speakers.

Guru pricing seems similar to Fiverr, and earnings are displayed instead of 5-star ratings. However, you can view comments or reviews left by clients when you click into the profile.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour home

People Per Hour works on a hybrid model of allowing people to post jobs like freelancer and to search for freelancers like Fiverr and Upwork.

Prices are quoted in BGP or £, so it’s a fantastic website if you’re looking for someone to help you expand or provide marketing/writing or Amazon UK or EU. Their offices are in the UK, Greece, and India.

Having a native language speaker can give you an advantage in the marketplace.


Upwork home

Upwork is one of the most popular websites for freelancers. Prices may be higher than other freelance websites, but the quality is likely to be better too.

One reason is that Upwork freelancers tend to specialize, so you can find a copywriter for your products instead of someone who did well in a college writing course.

You can also see what tests Upwork freelancers have passed, giving some freelancers more credibility for specific skills like bookkeeping or accounting.

You’ll want to hire people who specialize in the tasks you’re looking to complete to get the best results. If you’re looking for someone to help with your Amazon listing, then look for a copywriter instead of someone who writes articles for blogs.

Search for a broad term like “Amazon,” “FBA,” or something specific like “Amazon PPC” to get more targeted results. Read through client reviews and ratings for any warning signs.

There are several other websites like Toptal where you can hire freelancers, but they’re specialized for certain fields like software developers.

Hiring a freelancer for certain tasks can be a lot more efficient than doing them on your own. Hiring a virtual assistant to provide customer service will free up your own valuable time to grow your business.

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