Live Stream your Amazon Products to Increase Sales!

Amazon’s new Live service allows Professional sellers to stream videos of their products live!

There are only two requirements: you need to have a Professional account and registered on Brand Registry.

If you meet those requirements, you can download the Amazon Live Creator app and start streaming your videos today!

Visit Amazon’s Live page to learn more and download the app!

Benefits of Amazon Live

Why stream videos of your products?

Pictures can be misleading, and they don’t provide the kinds of detail and nuance that videos can provide, especially in the hands of someone familiar with the product.

Sellers with more complex product offerings can demonstrate installation, usage, and other unique features that customers may overlook.

Here are some other benefits of Live:

  • Streams show up on the Amazon app, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Videos show up on product detail pages, store, and on
  • Increase sales with featured products on your stream
  • Interact with customers during your stream

How to start using Amazon Live

If you meet the two requirements above, simply download the Amazon Live Creator app and sign in using your Professional seller account.

Follow the prompts to start your live stream and increase sales!

Some tips for live streaming

If you’ve never streamed live video before, you’ll want to consider these tips before you start. Even if you have an amazing product that everyone loves, new customers will be turned away if you make careless mistakes.

  • Consider your background and space

If you’re selling kitchen products or food, then it makes sense that you’ll want to demo your products in a kitchen setting. Selling food and live streaming the video from an office setting may not be a good idea.

empty film studio set

Do a few test recordings to see if the spacing and lighting works well before you go live. Take some time to arrange your setting with good lighting and props so that you make a good impression on customers.

Make sure your setting isn’t cluttered with unrelated or unnecessary items. If the item doesn’t serve a purpose, then remove it from the frame.

  • Practice makes perfect

Even though it’s a live stream, consider practicing what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and what you’re going to wear.

Practice in front of a mirror so you can see your mannerisms. Do you make any hand gestures that may distract viewers? Do you act unnatural and stiff?

You’ll want to exude confidence and happiness. In addition to being an authority of the product you’re featuring, you’ll want to be engaging and interesting.

But you also don’t want to appear forced, as though the performance is taking a lot of effort.

Be honest and transparent. Avoid lying about your product or mumbling and using filler words like “uh” because you haven’t practiced. These behaviors give viewers the impression that you not only lack confidence but that you also don’t know your material.

Accordingly, consider your posture and make eye contact with the camera instead of the product or a script. Looking at your hands or at a script gives viewers the wrong impression about your confidence.

Mastering these skills will set you apart from other poorly planned live streams.

  • Get to the point

Customers don’t have all the time in the world. You’ll want to cut out excess or unrelated discussions. Introduce yourself and the brand or business. Introduce the product, and get to your selling points.

Customers who watch the video will already be interested in the product. They’ll be looking for a reason to buy. You’ll want to give them that reason, so stories about your weekend will only turn them away.

  • Market and announce your live stream to get an audience

Many people incorrectly assume that “live” streams are spontaneous occurrences, but professional streamers often spend a lot of time preparing their performances.

Simply streaming live won’t automatically translate to more sales. You’ll want to make sure to alert your customers about the stream beforehand. Whether it’s through social media, your website, or your email list, you’ll want people to watch and engage with you.

Once you start, you’ll want to provide regular streams so customers can return. Just doing one may not help you. With regular streams, you can build up your brand and customer base.

Creating videos may seem like a daunting task for sellers. As a seller, you already have so much more to deal with, but you may be able to improve your sales more with video than with PPC.

Customers don’t often read product details. Video streams will allow them to see the product live. Live streams will allow you to launch products, demonstrate features, and build your brand and reputation.