New QuickBooks Online Usage Limits

QuickBooks Online is changing its usage limits for its subscriptions. These changes will start on April 10, 2019 and continue throughout the year. Check the website for the latest changes and updates.

If you’re on Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus plan, your usage limit will be affected.

The usage limits are:

  • Classes and locations (combined): All Plans-40, Advanced-No Limit
  • Chart of accounts: All Plans-250, Advanced-No Limit
  • Billable users: Simple Start-1, Essentials-3, Plus-5, Advanced-25
  • Accountant (across all plans): 2
  • Reports-only: Simple Start and Essentials-0, Plus and Advanced-No Limit
  • Time tracking-only: Simple Start-0, Plus and Advanced-No Limit

Make sure you’re prepared for the change. If you’re on a plan and already exceed the usage limit, then you won’t be able to manually create any new accounts until you deactivate unwanted ones.

For instance, if you’re on the Plus plan and have 50 classes and locations, you won’t be able to manually add any new classes or locations until you’re back down to 39.

These new usage limits affect only active items. You’d have to mark the unwanted classes, locations, or accounts as inactive so that you can continue to add new items up to the limit.

You’ll have to upgrade to the Advanced plan if you want to manually add more than 40 classes and locations. Third-party apps and QuickBooks services can still add beyond the usage limits. Learn more about the Advanced plan.

Businesses on the Advanced plan have higher limits or no limits at all.

You can upgrade your plan through your QuickBooks Online company. But if you downgrade, you’ll have to deactivate unwanted items until they go below the usage limit if you want to add new ones.

Gear Icon Account and Settings

You can also downgrade your account with this link. But if you have Multi-currency enabled, you won’t be able to downgrade.

If that fails, then you may have to call QuickBooks Online to see what options are available.

Upgrade subscription QuickBooks Online

Take a look at the current usage for your subscription plan by clicking on the Usage link under Account and Settings.

QuickBooks Online Usage link

More complex businesses that have their QuickBooks Online companies configured in detail (classes, locations, accounts) may be required to upgrade to Advanced in order to continue.

If you think you may be affected, take the opportunity to look through your company and make any changes and preparations now so that you’re not caught off guard.