7 Popular Vendors for Packaging, Boxes, and Shipping Supplies

Look at our list of popular businesses that sell shipping supplies!

Many new sellers fail to factor in the cost of shipping supplies when they first start out. Or they may purchase supplies from their local office supply store and pay more than they need.

While packaging supplies and boxes aren’t critical to success, they still reflect on your business. Reusing boxes to ship to the customer may save money, but it’ll cost your business in the long run. When customers receive dirty, dented, and reused boxes, they won’t have a good impression of your professionalism.

Check out these packaging and box suppliers today to save money on packaging supplies and boxes!

For an idea of pricing, we’ll use a reference corrugated box size of 10″ x 10″ x 8″ with a 32 ECT box type or better (listed). Prices are likely to be different from the ones posted at time of publication. Please check the website for the most current price.

CheapAss Shipping Supplies

Product Page CheapAss Shipping Supplies 10x10x8

The price on these 10 x 10 x 8″ boxes lives up to the website’s name. They are 57¢ each, and there are bulk discounts if you buy more. However, if you’re shipping thousands of boxes a month of this size, then you’ll still find cheaper prices at Uline. But for many businesses, the prices here will be hard to beat.

The product catalog includes categories and materials you’d expect any warehouse would need.

East Coast Packaging

Box Prices

The price here for the 10 x 10 x 8″ box is 52¢ per box for each bundle of 25. While other boxes have slight discounts for bulk purchases, this particular box size has flat rate per box.

While the website seems a bit basic, the prices are very competitive. Other products for sale are all related to your shipping needs, like tape and loose fill or packaging.

Global Industrial

Global Industrial box 10x10x8

Prices are 70¢ each box in a bundle of 25. Prices are fixed, and there are no bulk discounts.

Global Industrial is a popular alternative to Uline. While the website isn’t organized or sorted as well, prices are still competitive for some products, like this box so long as you’re not buying more than 4 bundles of 25. Otherwise, you may find cheaper prices elsewhere.

The Packaging Company

Packaging Company 10x10x8

The Packaging Company sells its 10 x 10 x 8″ box for slightly less than Uline’s price. Each box is 75¢ when you purchase a bundle of 25.

If you buy more than 25, you may get a cheaper rate elsewhere, as the listed price is a flat rate, with no bulk discounts.

This website has all manners of boxes or shipping-related materials. While the catalog isn’t as expansive as Uline, you’ll find almost everything you need to ship your orders here.

Paper Mart

Paper Mart 10x10x8 price

Prices are a flat 67¢ each from this supplier for a 10 x 10 x 8″ box in bundles of 25. If you’re purchasing multiple bundles, you may get better pricing from other suppliers.

Outside of shipping supplies, Paper Mart also sells crafting and party supplies.

If you’re interested in custom bags or boxes, you can find that service here as well.

Shipping Supply

Shipping Supply 10x10x8 box

The price here for just 1 bundle of 25 boxes ends up being 72¢ per box. But if you buy 4 bundles, the price drops to 65¢ per box.

Shipping Supply sells other shipping supplies as well, and you’d find most of your warehouse needs here.


Uline 10x10x8 box price

Uline’s price for a 10 x 10 x 8″ 32 ECT corrugated box starts at 80¢ each with a purchase of a bundle of 25 boxes.

Almost every ecommerce business is familiar with Uline. They’ll have everything you’ll need. Their same-day shipping service, combined with their vast catalog, makes ordering convenient even if prices are a little higher than other retailers on this list.

Many Amazon sellers use Uline for their packaging and warehouse supplies. The prices are extremely competitive. You may, however, end up with more Uline catalogs than you’ll ever need.

Other common sources for boxes or shipping supplies:

USPS Priority Mail Boxes (free for Priority service)

If you’re shipping with USPS Priority, then these boxes are free for use! You can order them online at the USPS Store.

eBay Shipping Supplies Coupon (with Stores subscription)

If you’re a Stores subscriber on eBay, then you should get a quarterly coupon for eBay-branded shipping supplies.

These coupons become available on the first day of every quarter and expire on the last day of that quarter.

If you have a Stores subscription, then you can find the coupon under Account > Manage Store > Subscriber Discounts.

Local Box Suppliers

If you’re near a major city, chances are there are several local paper product suppliers near you. You may be able to purchase and pick up at wholesale prices while saving on shipping charges and delivery times.

Many of these wholesalers lack good websites, so you’ll need to call them to get current pricing and availability. Simply search for “shipping supplies near ZIP” to get an idea of local paper supply companies.

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