Recreate Deleted Document in Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to recreate a deleted transaction or document in QuickBooks Online using the Audit Log to view details.

QuickBooks Online keeps a log of every action that you or a user takes in the software. That includes logins and the actions each user takes. Even deleted inventory and accounts aren’t truly deleted. They’re just hidden from view.

When you delete a transaction, there’s also a log of the details of the transaction. While it may be missing from your books, you’ll still be able to find it in the Audit Log.

Continue reading to see how to recreate a document using the Audit Log.

First, you’ll want to click on the Gear icon > Audit Log to view the log.

Gear Icon Audit Log

Once you’re in the Audit Log, you want to set the filter options to limit and easily find the document. If you know the date, transaction type, or user, then select those to limit your search results.

Audit Log Filters

Once you find the document, you can expand the document details by clicking on View. Click on the arrow to expand details.

You can use CTRL + F to search for “Deleted” to quickly jump to deleted transactions.

You’ll want to open a new transaction type in QuickBooks Online in a new tab so that you can easily switch between the two to enter the details.

In the example above, we have an Invoice that was deleted. You don’t have to enter the Accounts Receivable (A/R) line item because QuickBooks Online will automatically handle the A/R account when you create the invoice.

Make sure that the accounts, values, and other information match the document exactly so that your totals are correct.

If you also deleted the payment, you’ll want to receive payment as well. Otherwise, you’ll want to link the payment to the recreated invoice.

Consider voiding transactions instead of deleting them. When you void a transaction, it won’t affect your bookkeeping, but you can easily restore it by searching for it in the Audit Log and then copying the details to a new document.

To restore a voided transaction, search for “Voided” in the Audit Log instead of “Deleted”. Set filters to streamline the search if possible.

Look for the voided transaction that you want to restore and click on it.

Then click on More > Copy to move the details onto a new document.

Values on the document will all be 0, so you’ll need to re-enter the values and make sure that all the information is correct.

QuickBooks Online Audit Log allows you to see all the changes to your company finances. The added benefit is that the Audit Log will also allow you to recreate any transaction that was accidentally deleted or voided so that you don’t have to spend hours reconciling your finances.

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