Run a Refunds Report in QuickBooks Online

Wonder how much you’ve issued in refunds to customers in QuickBooks Online?

Seeing how much you’ve issued in refunds in QuickBooks Online can alert you to issues with your product or marketplace listing. If you have a lot of refunds, then that can be a sign of potential problems.

Run a report in QuickBooks Online to see a list of all of your refunds. Use the filter to customize reports so that you get only the numbers you need.

If you use SellerZen and have multiple marketplaces connected and default customer selected, then you can run a refunds report for each marketplace. That way you’ll know how many refunds and how much in refunds you’ve issued for each marketplace.

A summary of the steps are:

  • Click on Reports on the left navigation panel
  • Type in “transaction list” in the search bar and click on the Transaction List by Customer report
  • Click on Customize on the top right
  • Select the date range, click on Filter to expand options, and select Transaction Type > Refund and Customer > All
  • Run report to see results

Need a step-by-step visual guide? Continue reading below.

To start, click on Reports on the left navigation menu.

Then type “transaction list” and select “Transaction List by Customer” from the options that appear.

Transaction List Customer QuickBooks Online

Then click on the Customize button to select the options you want for the report.

Customize button for Transaction List by Customer Report

You’ll want to select the date range and filter by Transaction Type > Refund and Customer > All.

If you’re using SellerZen to organize your customers by marketplace, then you can select the marketplace here.

For instance, you can run a Refund report for Amazon US and Amazon CA to see how much in refunds were issued to each marketplace.

Or if you’re creating individual customers, then make sure you select All.

Filter options in Customize Report

Customer filter

Once you’ve made your selections, click on Run report to see the filtered results.

You should see a list of all the refunds issued within the date range you’ve selected.

Refund Report QuickBooks Online

If you don’t see any results, make sure you’ve selected the correct date range and check that your filter settings were actually saved.

Then re-run the report.

Having a lot of refunds isn’t necessarily a bad sign. Some categories will have a higher rate of refunds than others. For instance, apparel sellers will have a higher refund rate than kitchenware sellers.

But if you only have a handful of ASINs that you’re selling and a high refund rate, then you should look into the causes. Read your reviews on Amazon or look into the reason selected by customers for the refund.

If you can improve packaging or implement better quality control processes, then you can save money since each refund and return will cost you in fees and shipping.

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