9 Feedback Managers that Monitor, Alert, and Help with Amazon Reviews!

Amazon reviews can make or break a new seller or product. If you’re just starting out, then you know how important it is to get good reviews for your seller account and for your product.

If you’re filling a few hundred orders a month, it can be difficult to track every little aspect of your business. But managing your product and seller account reviews is crucial to maintaining and growing sales.

While a handful of negative feedback won’t affect a veteran seller with thousands of product and seller account feedback, just one may derail new product sales.

If you’re not able to check and manage product and account reviews, then check out these services! They’ll alert you to any negative feedback to your seller account or product reviews.

We’ll list the features each service provides to save you time with a focus on feedback and review services. Descriptions are from the website.

SellerZen is not affiliated with any of these services, nor does SellerZen endorse any of these services. We’ve created this list only for informational purposes, so do your own due diligence before you sign up with any services listed in this article.


AMZFinder home

  • Review Management
    • Monitor reviews
    • Access to order ID
    • Handles negative reviews
    • Optimizes Amazon listings
    • Promotes sales
  • Feedback Request
    • Set personal mail rules
    • Supports worldwide marketplaces
    • Automated VAT invoice generator
    • Customizable email templates
    • Default multilingual email templates
    • Blacklist service


BQool home

  • Repricing Central
  • Feedback Central
    • Automated feedback and review request
    • Feedback alert notification
    • Feedback performance dashboard
  • Review Central
    • Product review management
    • Review alert notifications
    • Informative review report
  • Seller Service


FeedbackExpress home

  • Automatic email manager
  • Filter messages
  • Exclude requests where delivery is late
  • Ask for positive reviews when positive feedback is left
  • 10 Amazon marketplaces supported

FeedbackFive by eComEngine

FeedbackFive Home

  • Feedback Management
    • Multi-store management from a single account
    • Global opt-out
    • Negative/neutral feedback alerts
    • Email analytics
    • Support for Amazon sellers worldwide
    • Refunded order exclusion
    • Professionally translated email templates for international sales
  • Product Review Management
    • Track and monitor ASINs
    • View average review rating
    • See positive and negative reviews in the last 2 days and 90 days
    • Monitor reviews on parent and child ASINs
    • Receive alerts on negative reviews
    • Contact reviewers
  • International Marketplaces

FeedbackGenius by SellerLabs

FeedbackGenius landing page

  • Automatic emails
  • Automate buyer-seller messaging
  • Enhance buying experience
  • Product reviews and feedback notifications


Kibly home

  • Email templates
  • 3-minute setup
  • Dynamic shortcode links
  • Automatic email
  • Unlimited email customization
  • Smart email delivery
  • Email analytics
  • Worldwide functionality
  • Image and logo embed
  • Negative feedback email alerts
  • Auto-unsubscribe with negative feedback left


Salesbacker home

  • Pre-built email campaigns to increase reviews and seller ratings
  • Automatically monitor and receive email alerts for negative feedback and ratings
  • Email file attachments

Seller Lift

Seller Lift home

  • Amazon Product Photography Service
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Automatic Feedback Software
    • Automate emails
    • Schedule delivery windows
    • Segment customers
    • Mobile-friendly emails
    • Personalize emails automatically
    • Blacklist
  • Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Trademark Registration


Sellics products review page

The Seller Edition plan includes multiple products, including the Manage Reviews service.

  • Measure Profit
  • Monitor Competitors
  • Control Inventory
  • Optimize Amazon PPC
  • Research Products
  • Improve Rankings
  • Manage Reviews
    • Email notifications
    • Respond quickly
    • Copywriting

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