View Report of all of your Journal Entries in QuickBooks Online

Need to take a look at a list or report of all the journal entries you’ve created in QuickBooks Online?

Continue reading to see a step-by-step guide to see how you can see all of your journal entries, an audit log of who created the journal entries, and a journal report that lists the journal entries.

Quickly view all of your journal entries for any given period using QuickBooks Online’s Advanced Search feature.

To get started, click on the Magnifying glass and then click on Advanced Search. You may find this option in one of two places depending on the version of QuickBooks Online you’re on:

Location of Advanced Search

Select Journal Entries from the dropdown menu. You can filter journal entries or just leave the Filter field blank to view all.

If you’re looking for historical journal entries, then select the date period from the Date Filter dropdown menu.

Journal Entry search filters

Click on the Journal Entry under the type column to view details.

Viewing a list of all of your journal entries is convenient when you’re trying to reconcile an account or hunt down errors.

View Audit Log for Users who created Journal Entries

If you have multiple users enabled on your QuickBooks Online company, then you can see who created the journal entry and the date it was created.

To do this, you’ll need to go to your Audit Log. Click on the Gear icon and then select Audit Log.

Gear Icon Audit Log

Once you’re in the Audit Log, click on the Filter button for more options.

Filter by Date and Transactions. Click on Apply to show a list of all transactions.

Audit Log Filters

After you click on Apply, a list of transactions will show up.

Audit Log Results

You’ll have to click on the print icon and then copy and paste the newly opened tab into a spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel so that you can sort by Event type. Cancel the print dialogue window unless you want to print it.

The table should also include a direct link to the document even when you copy and paste it from the opened tab to a spreadsheet. Then you can click on the link in the spreadsheet to bring up the Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online.

Print Audit Log

There’s no way to have QuickBooks Online sort by Event at the time of this article, though this may be available later.

Click on View under history to see the details and any revisions made to the journal entry.

View the Journal Report in QuickBooks Online

To view your journal report, click on Reports and then type in “Journal” in the search field. Select Journal from the search results to access the Journal report.

Reports Journal

To see a list of all of your Journal Entries, you’ll have to sort by Transaction Type.

Journal Report Sort

Scroll down the Transaction Types until you see the Journal Entries or export the report to Excel. You can then sort or do a search for Journal Entries to view accounts and adjustments.

Export to Excel Report

Seeing all the journal entries you’ve made will help with reconciling your accounts. If you have multiple users on your QuickBooks Online company, then the audit log will help you identify who created the Journal Entry and the history of that particular entry.

But you should avoid using journal entries for all types of transactions when you could be creating the proper document types instead.

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