What is Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts allows sellers to use curated photos to motivate and inspire shoppers to engage with brands and products on Amazon.

Posts is Amazon’s answer to social media commerce. If you’ve ever purchased something you saw on Facebook or Instagram, then you’ll be familiar with what Amazon Posts attempts to replicate. Even if you haven’t purchased something through social media, you’ve likely been exposed to its advertising.

Amazon Posts is currently in Beta, and best of all, it’s currently free to participate in!

Sellers who have a focused brand should give Amazon Posts a try. So if you’re selling in beauty, apparel, lifestyle, or other similar categories, Posts may give your brand that extra boost in exposure and sales!

Get started today by going to the Amazon Posts page!

How does Posts work?

Brands that participate in Posts will see a carousel on the product detail page that includes related brand products. Customers who click on an image on the carousel will be brought to the shopping feed.

All the posts on the carousel are shoppable, and customers can get more information about the product with a simple tap.

In addition to the product detail page, Posts will also show up in these areas:

  • Brand-owned detail page
  • Related brand detail page
  • Related post feed
  • Category feed

What sellers get from Posts

Sellers can only benefit from Amazon Posts, though the one drawback is that having an updated, curated brand means that someone will need to actively manage the account.

That means someone will need to take and edit pictures, and actively post, curate, and update the account. Conversely, having an account that isn’t regularly updated may reflect poorly on the brand.

Posts will be a great addition to health, beauty, and lifestyle brands, and it’ll be a good fit for businesses that already have a social media presence. But smaller businesses may want to consider the dangers of having Posts that are outdated or filled with less-than-stellar photos.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Currently free to participate in
  • Access to engagement metrics, views, clicks, and clickthrough rates
  • Publish product-focused content to promote brand

Amazon Posts can be a great addition to brands that already have a social media presence—simply adding another platform doesn’t take that much more effort if all the photos are already in place.

Best yet, Amazon Posts is currently free! Every seller knows how competitive Amazon is. Any small advantage over a competitor can give sellers a boost in sales. Give Posts a try today and see how you can promote your brand and give it an edge!